Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cannabis with caps from the MMJDirect inventory. Capsules embedded with cannabinoids are a great way to medicate your day. You can easily dose out your medication or supplements. 

Caps offer the most convenient way to consume cannabis compounds. You’d rather not go through the hassle of smoking, vaping, or cooking. An added bonus is that you get to consume fewer calories than you would with edibles. 

Carrying your cannabis around doesn’t get more discreet and convenient than caps. This makes them the perfect medium to take your medication while you’re at work or during travel. In other words, you get to take your medication with you wherever you go.

At MMJDirect, we have both dry (hard-shelled) and oil-based (soft-shelled) caps. Hard-shelled capsules are made with organic food-grade hemp flowers. The soft-shelled caps have oils inside.  

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