Indica – 430mg THC


35ml bottle.

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Ingredients: 95% Grain alcohol, Cannabis flowers.

Relaxing the mind and body.

Effects: Sedating and relaxing with full body effect.

May relieve: Pain, anxiety, insomnia, muscle spasms, nausea, bipolar disorder and arthritis.


For oral consumption; maximum effects will be felt if consumed sublingually.

Sublingual medications are orally disintegrating or dissolving medications that are administered by being placed under the tongue. These medications are transferred to the bloodstream from the mucous membranes in the mouth after dissolving, allowing for quick absorption that avoids the loss of potency which may come with first-pass metabolism in the stomach and liver.

Dosage Instructions: Start with a 1/4 dropper and slowly increase dosage amounts until desired effects are felt.

Lab Tested: THC 496mg – 14.16mg/ml   CBD 10.5mg/unit – 0.30 mg/ml

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