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Master Kush

(9 customer reviews)

$8.00 - $10.00 / Per Gram

90% Indica dominant strain

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This 90/10 Indica dominant strain’s main use is for relieving stress and anxiety. The strong sedative effects are ideal for relaxing in the evening. Master Kush is extremely effective in the treatment of insomnia. Its body-numbing high can help manage chronic pain. The strong, stereotypical ‘munchies’ produced by this strain may also be useful in stimulating appetite

THC levels of around 20%, which makes it one of the stronger strains in our selection. Master Kush is a crossbreed of an original Hindu Kush strain and a pure skunk strain, though the exact genetics is unclear.

Master Kush has a pungent but sweet earthy flavour and a light citrus smell that can be hard to detect. The dominant feeling while high is one of total relaxation, along with euphoria and sleepiness, all products of the strain’s genetic heritage. This makes it a good treatment for restlessness or insomnia. Other conditions that benefit from Master Kush include anxiety, depression, stress, and migraines.

Grown by Northern Farms
Northern Farms are known for their heavy-hitting strains, all of which are over 20% THC. They take their curing quality seriously and dry their buds on the plant to provide maximum taste and crystal.


9 reviews for Master Kush

  1. Darryl

    This was recommended from mmjdirect for what I was looking for.
    I am blown away with the quality of this flower.
    Amazing cannabis

  2. David

    A very nice strain for relaxing. It has a nice taste and burns clean. I love to mix this with hash a wonderful combination!

  3. Sarah

    A very mellow evening mood. Not too heavy, but helpful for sleeping and anxiety

  4. Kathleen

    Love the taste, the smell and the high. Very calming, perfect for decompressing from a tough day at the office. Kathleen

  5. Brandon

    Earthy taste, savory taste. Feels like putting on a warm sweater by the fire on a cold day for your brain.

  6. Kelly

    Heavier smoke and a little stronger than pink or rockstar kushes, its The Master! Nice high!

  7. Catherine

    Definitely a nighttime strain. Strong kushy/earthy flavour and a smooth burn. Great for playing some video games or watching TV, just don’t expect to be awake for long.

  8. Adam

    This is one of my favourite strains. Very pleasant to fall asleep with.

  9. Anonymous

    Tastes gassy, but in a good way. Very clean burning. I will buy again.

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