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Infused Olive Oil

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216mg THC in each 118ml bottle

9mg THC per TSP

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This infused extra virgin infused olive oil by Farm and Florist maintains the pungent aroma of ripe olives and ensures the natural flavours are retained. Olive oil is best enjoyed in it’s raw form, but can also be incorporated into your marinades and cooking. Dip it with fresh bread, drizzle it on your salad, or use it in your stir-fry, Infused Olive Oil is a delicious way to add healthy monounsaturated fats to your diet.

Sparked by a deep love for fine dining and a strong appreciation for craft cannabis, Farm and Florist embarked on the journey to creating Canada’s first line of high-end infusions. Using only top-tier cannabis for extraction, they recognize that the quality of their distillate, oils, and syrups is integral to the overall taste of their products. The result: Delicious infusions that add decadence to any meal.

2 reviews for Infused Olive Oil

  1. Shawn

    Great for using on veggies when cooking! Farm & Florist has such a great product without the super weedy taste 🙂

  2. Brian

    This Olive Oil is so tasty, you can tell they use a good quality OIl.

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