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Seafood Tincture – Cats

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30ml Bottle – 120mg CBD

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Seafood Medley Pet Tincture in MCT Oil Base.

This tincture is Canadian made, with non-GMO, human grade food ingredients.

Made from industrial hemp, this Seafood Medley Pet Tincture was created to help maintain health and alleviate aches and pains from injury or old age.

Changes should be noticed within 4 days of starting consumption.

CBD (or Cannabidiol), is a truly wonderful healthy treat for pets. This Tincture has helped pets overcome seizures, anxiety, and various types of pain, usually from torn muscles or Arthritis. Pets that could barely move are walking and sometimes running again.

Please note: Our pet products are THC-free as THC can be toxic to your pets.

5 reviews for Seafood Tincture – Cats

  1. Vanessa

    This was a game changer for my senior cat!! She’s 15 with stage 3 kidney disease and severe degenerative arthritis. She was hiding a lot, barely ate, was vomitting, did not want pets, did not want to play and was licking her belly obsessively to the point of losing her hair (trying to lick the pain away..)

    I talked to her vet to confirm I could use CBD with her current medication cocktail and we figured out the right dosage. I have been giving her 4 drops morning and night mixed in this amazing vet senior care soft food (I swear, it smells so good, I’d consider eating it myself).

    My girl is now playing again, cuddling, she stopped licking her belly obsessively and the hair has grown back! She even got her night crazies again! She walks with more confidence and doesn’t hide anymore. And her appetite is back!! She’s back to her old self and I swear by this product. AND!! She looooves it too! If she could, she’d beat me up to get to it! The *screams* of anticipation are like music to my ear!

    Excellent product!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  2. Sarah

    Kitty loved this flavour, and was much more chill after 2 doses. I will keep using this with my cat for sure.

  3. Susan

    My cat is 19. She’s only been on this a week and i think I see a little pep in her step. Hopefully this will make whatever time she has left more comfortable.

  4. Cory

    My cat is 15 years old, doesnt move the way he used to thats for sure, but he loves this stuff and it seems to get him going a bit more during the day. Definitely going to be getting more when it runs out!

  5. Anonymous

    My cat’s moving like he’s 5 years younger. Wow! Thanks Apawthecary!

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