10ml Roll-on Applicator – 80mg THC

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The OMNI UNWIND roll-on has calming effects that help to soothe any mood. It is great for all day use to help ground and ease anxiety. Can also be used before bed to help promote a restful sleep. It contains lavender, chamomile and myrtle, all of which have mood calming components. Studies show that the smell of lavender has been shown to lower heart rate and blood pressure resulting in a natural relaxed state. Myrtle, in particular, has powerful sedative properties and is said to be the most grounding of all essential oil. Use roll on the temples and pressure points. For nighttime use, it’s very effective to roll under your feet (where the body absorbs the fastest!).



-80mg THC (fully activated tetrahydrocannabinol)

-sweet almond oil



-ylang ylang




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