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Zen CO2 Oil Carts

(38 customer reviews)


0.5g of CO2 Extracted Cannabis Oil


Zen Medical produces its oil using an organic and solventless, supercritical CO2 extraction process. Zen CO2 Oil Carts are ideal for the cannabis connoisseurs seeking a higher purity, greater quality, and terpene-rich cannabis oil for vaporizing.

The first time you take a pull off of the new Zen CO2 Oil Carts you will notice the 4 ceramic disc Jupiter Liquid6 system “kicks like a mule”. The taste of this product line is second to none.

Some of the Zen C02 Oil Cart strains include Space Cookies, Death Bubba, Girl Scout Cookies, and Bruce Banner.

These carts work well with most 510 threaded batteries. These carts vape well at lower temperatures, the low or medium heat settings are usually ideal if using a Variable Voltage battery base.

38 reviews for Zen CO2 Oil Carts

  1. Omid

    PROs: Taste, effect and potency. Better than most.

    CON: Seems to run out faster than other brands despite equal amounts of pulls.

  2. Tim

    Amazing carts…used to be a big fan of Flyte but these are much easier on the lungs and taste alot better!

  3. Stephane

    I tried almost every strain that Zen Labs has to offer. Always great taste and very potent. The new cart format is fine. Looks different but performs just as well !

  4. Kenny

    The taste seems ok, but the carts tend to block up very easily. Also I ordered 2 of these same carts and one had more product inside than the other, which appeared half empty. Will stick with Bob/Flyte in the future..

  5. Catherine

    Great carts! I alternate between these and onli carts. Flavour is good but sometimes it can clog. Otherwise, smooth pull and great effects.

  6. Kassia

    Gelato is an amazing hybrid. You can really taste the cannabis, and burns nice and clean

  7. Dylan

    Great product love the way it has no smell. But the last time we ordered these they where in different viles and didn’t fit our mystica vape pens but lucky it fit the keyy and flye pens we had

  8. Ines

    Love love love! So convenient and easy! Takes out the hassel of the typical process of grinding and rolling and there is almost no odour!

  9. Veronika

    These are soooo tasty, the only problem is that sometimes they are a little too convenient and appealing. 🙂 Definitely one of the better carts I’ve tried.

  10. Cory

    First zen cart was 1:1 gelato. Great flavour and effects. I’ll try another kind next

  11. Tyler

    I’ve tried a few different cartridges and they all held true to their respective strains traits. Good quality extracts. Mines lasted about 2 months as I use it here and there. Great to have

  12. Carol

    Hate the new container! It’s bright white from top to bottom! Nothing discreet here. Mouthpiece is bulkier too.. more like sucking on a straw. It also arrives with huge air bubble in cartridge. I will say, their Girl Scout Cookies, is the best!

  13. Arina

    Way better than the keyy carts, no burnt taste. Pretty strong & also refillable!

  14. Clay

    Very smooth, clean flavour highly recommended. Relaxes body allowing muscle aches to subside. Calms your mind and aids lessening impact of emotional stress – Love this product!

  15. Bradley

    All of the cartridges have been great, good flavour and compatible. Good for a casual smoke.

  16. Walid

    Great catridges, very nice sativa

  17. Kenny

    I prefer these over the Keyy vapes. Great taste and hits you nice, not over the top.

  18. Manuela

    Zen vapes are the best – it’s Canadian and I trust the product. Always get a good high

  19. Leanne

    Tried the Hashberry. Smooth and steady high. Not too overwhelming. Helps with my appetite, but doesn’t make me want to stuff my face with crap. But I do anyway, sometimes. 😀 All in all, glad I tried this. Great taste, and not too strong so it’s good for relaxing and not coma.

  20. Michael

    excellent product, no leaking cartridges and hard hitting indicas !
    Brian is excellent with customer service for any questions.
    Give any flavor a try!!

  21. Nathalie

    I love these cartridges. The NYC Diesel was 10/10, and extremely potent. Definitely more of an uplifting/energizing strain

  22. Jason

    These are the bet tips on the market! It smokes well and taste just like cannabis! I have never been disappointed yet.

  23. Dylan

    Much stronger than the key ones. And taste much better I’m sticking to these ones now

  24. Philippe

    Delicious taste and super relaxing effect for this Jedi Kush, CO2 oil extraction is so pleasant for the terpenes rich product!

  25. Veronika

    These carts have never disappointed. The only downside is that they can be a bit harsher than other carts that I have tried. They are, however, some of the tastier carts I’ve had and very effective!

  26. Tina

    Highly recommend (no pun intended heh heh heh) LOVE GSC and look forward to trying other flavours as well. Smooth, vapes in all my pens, and really flavourful!

  27. Tracy

    I love these cartridges. I have tried the girl scout cookies and white death(I this that’s what it was called) And loved them both, taste great, great effect and the smell is very inconspicuous!

  28. Greg

    great vape, was very impressd with just a few puffs I was quite medicated:) taste great too

  29. Bonnie

    Best Carts I’ve had

  30. Jeremie

    I tried the death bubba. Great hybrid good taste.

    I also tried the hindu kush 100% indica really good for sleeping and the space cookies 100 sativa for work and getting stuff done during the day.. overall, these are great and last a long time.

  31. Karl

    Well you get what you pay for and i have to say these Zen cart are top quality , if you like to share with friends without worrying them ruining the cart this is the one , it does not burn/taste bad these are frustration free ,no additive and no plastic , a healthier product with a awesome taste and potent effects

  32. Ramandeep

    best c02 oil. wish they had more strains in stock

  33. Jason

    This is a great tasting cart, tastes very much like Pink Kush, Zen make the best carts hands down

  34. Mike

    Great service and of course the zen refills are the best on the planet hands down. I just hope they keep stocking them thanx enjoy
    Mike from Toronto

  35. Dustin

    Smooth and potent! Will definitely buy again to use with my Mystica VV

  36. Georgia

    Highly recommend, good consistent flavor, way less coughing than flyte/keyy cartridges and no issues towards end of the cartridge being used (doesn’t taste burnt or pull too hard).

  37. Leanne

    Tastes amazing. Works faster than the other pens. Not harsh and no hacking my guts out. Lindsay og helps with my appetite. Feels amazing. Battery stays charged and kept charge much longer than expected. Doesn’t get that burnt taste when you get the end of cart. Excited to try different types.

  38. Brian

    Tastes just like the Cannabis strain. This is what real cannaisseurs vape.

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