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Zen Grams CO2 Oil

(3 customer reviews)


1g of CO2 Oil per syringe


Zen Grams CO2 Oil is a variety of extract that is created using carbon dioxide compressed at high pressures until it becomes what is known as a “supercritical fluid,” which then is able to strip the essential oils of the cannabis plant much like hydrocarbon solvents.

Zen Grams CO2 Oil is generally a loose, orange-tinted oil that can be either clear or opaque depending upon the finishing processes used after extraction. The appeal of this method for many is that it is non-flammable and contains no chemical solvents.

Great for dabbing, adding to rolling papers, use in edibles, etc.

3 reviews for Zen Grams CO2 Oil

  1. Clay

    I live with a debilitating spinal injury that has kept me from returning to my job for 10 years. For me, this is the cats meow. I refill my favourite vape pen and enjoy this quality made product. A product that is sure to meet the needs of the most discriminating connoisseurs. All the points checked off here! Flavour, smoothness, cleanly processed, ease of use, discreet consumption and medicinally satisfying. I’ll keep coming back for this one!

  2. James

    Really fantastic! Both the GSC and Tom Ford PK vape well, and both have had flavour and high/effects totally characteristic of their flower strains. The potency makes just one puff powerful medicine.

  3. Brian

    Great stuff.

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