The Easiest Ways To Differentiate Between Sativa & Indica

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Have you had any troubles figuring out if your marijuana was Indica or Sativa? We can help you to differentiate them.

Sativa’s are tall plants with slim or thin leaves with wider spaces in between branches than their indica relatives. Throughout their flowering stage, they quickly surpass indicas in height. If you see your plant goes too high, becoming tall and bush out a little more during the flowering phase, you probably have a sativa. This kind of cannabis can grow up to 20 feet high.

To sum up, sativa plant life:
• Tall or Slim
• Thin leaves
• Less dense, a little sparse
• Have exponential vegetative growth during flowering

To sum up, indica plants:
• Short
• Feature fat, broad leaves
• Are quite dense, squatty
• Double, rather than triple in size during flowering

Indica’s are short, stocky plants can grow to colder places. They have fat fan leaves, where each leaf segment nearly touches each other or even overlaps a little.

They can go up to 4 feet tall. That’s a quite huge distinction from to sativa plant. While sativas nearly triple in size during flowering phase, indicas often increase their vegetative growth by about 100%.

Dried buds, How they differ in dried buds. This is even more difficult to guess especially with the hybrid ones. You have to know the basic features of all of the strains.

Sativa’s buds are longer, thinner, with bud particles that almost look like wispy hairs. Although, while the bud itself may look larger than those from an indica plant, they tend to be a bit lighter when you actually weigh them out. When sativas bloom, the flower forms along the branch, almost like it’s a bit stretched out. This lends to the wispy, hairy nature of their buds.

Red or orange color is a mark of a sativa. They better grow in warmer places, and they often express deep reddish or strong orange phenotypes.

To sum up, sativa’s buds are:
• Long
• Less dense
• “Wispy” bud, fluffy
• Often feature red or orange coloring
• Have a sweeter or lighter aroma

Indica has smelling buds and grows in cooler places.

To sum up, indica buds are:
• Short
• Heavy
• Compact and dense
• Often feature purple coloring
• Have a thick, pungent aroma

Indica buds are more compact, shorter, and extremely dense. This lends to their short, squatty, and heavy buds. An additional obsession to keep an eye out for is any purple coloring in the plant. Since indicas are native to cooler climates, they’re more likely to convey purple coloration. The big purple strains are all indica dominant, but sativas will develop some purple if they’re grown in cool climates as well.

These tips can help you to identify what kind you have got if you or your dealer doesn’t know the strain or you have to know this stuff because someone can scam you. As we already mentioned above, you need time to understand these processes with all of the hybrids out there, it can be a little tricky to determine.

Nowadays, there are lots of new hybrids which are good mixes of both types, creating truly unique smoking/vaping experiences.


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