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RSO – Halley’s Comet CBD 5:2

(3 customer reviews)


60% Sativa dominant


This 5CBD:2THC RSO/Phoenix Tears oil is made from Halley’s Comet flowers grown on Vancouver Island, in beautiful British Columbia!

Halley’s Comet is a Sativa dominant hybrid named after the brightest comet in the sky. The high is very functional and uplifting with gentle analgesic effect, and is good for day and evening medicinal and recreational use. It induces clear headed cerebral euphoria, very functional high that prompts laughter and socialization, uplifts mood and increases creativity. Stimulates appetite, relaxes the body with mild analgesic effect.

Phoenix Tears are typically ingested by applying some onto a finger, nut, or cracker. It wouldn’t hurt to consume a small fatty snack such as a nut butter around the time of ingestion to help increase the THC’s bioavailability.

Phoenix Tears are also often used in the making of Topicals or Tinctures. They can used in the making of edibles but will lead to a higher amount of cannabis taste than using a distillate.

This high-end RSO has been independently tested at MB labs to contain over 25.40% CBD and 10.20% THC!





Delta-9 THC














This CBD Oil is currently offered in these formats:

2mL in a Polypropylene ‘Eos’ dispenser with Green thread and Green lid

3 reviews for RSO – Halley’s Comet CBD 5:2

  1. Alexander

    I originally bought this because another product I had bought was much too strong. The 5:2 ratio is enough to feel the effects but not render me feeling like I need to hit the couch.

    A nice calming effect is coupled with this product, and I am far enough into using it that I am happy with my purchase.

  2. Curtis

    this is the absolute best, most affordable medicine that I have found for getting through many courses of chemo therapy. the dispenser is really a strong point, it is accurate and repeatable for consistent dosing so that one can live their life a lot better while under the “influence” of the pharmaceuticals (chemo). I recommend this product to my doctors at the cancer agency (they need a LOT of cannabis education) and all of my friends who are interested in using cannabis as a medicine rather than as a recreational product.

  3. Michael

    Easy to dispense correct dosage. Those who do not like the taste of cannabis may not enjoy this however the effects are great.

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