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Sunkiss CBD

(29 customer reviews)

$8.00 - $10.00 / Per Gram

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

12% CBD + 8% THC

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Sunkiss CBD is an ideal Wake and Bake or functional situation strain. It is a great strain for focus and productivity. Cerebrally stimulating without causing anxiety, this strain is also ideal for relief from pain and inflammation, stress/PTSD, and can provide mood enhancement, alleviating depression in the right dosages. The inhale is smooth, with a unique flavour that tastes of sour citrus and pine. An uplifting experience of the Sunkiss CBD strain that has some creep to it, but also maintains a long-lasting physical presence.

29 reviews for Sunkiss CBD

  1. Adam

    perfect for when you think you’re greening out

  2. Sean

    This is my favorite half CBD / half THC strain. Flavor is amazing.

  3. Rajan

    Mellow & easy CBD strain with a bit more potency than the average. Just what I was looking for – can confirm what other reviewers have said

  4. Taylor

    this is my favourite CBD strain from any dispensary in Canada. It is very calming without the head high and makes me clear-headed and productive during the day.

  5. Bonnie

    My favourite CBD strain so far. The smell is amazing. Sticky buds.

  6. Rudy

    This strain is literally medicine. What’s more, its sweet, citrussy aroma and sticky composure make it a real joy to smoke. Perfect for mornings, or during the day.

  7. Giuseppe

    This has a really nice flavour and it burns really well. Being so close to a 1:1 makes for some great daytime highs.

  8. Michael

    Really nice & smooth. Excellent for daytime use & relief of aches and pains.

  9. Scott

    Nice smooth tokes I take it a few Puffs a few times a day to help build up my THC tolerance nice and relaxing

  10. Brody

    Great strain, nice mellow CBD feel with still a good amount of THC to balance it out. Would highly recommend

  11. Matthew

    Very nice product. Mellow mood and not overpowering. A good balance of thc and CBD and certainly good value. Nuggets were small but we’ll cured and Vaped well.

  12. Yvonne

    Was looking for a strain that would keep me alert and also not exacerbate my anxiety, and this was great! Did exactly what the description said it would do.

  13. Jonathan

    My first experience with a high CBD strain. It’s a nice head buzz that’s not strong. Can definitely see people using this in the mornings. Kind if reminds me of shatter or distillate because if the smoothness of the high.

  14. Serge

    this stuff make my day very productive

  15. Samuele

    My favourite daytime buzz. Helps a lot with anxiety. I had my mom test it once and she loved it so.much she asked me to leave her a few joints. She never liked weed before. This really is a smooth high

  16. Brandyn

    This strain is absolutely wonderful. Perfect for almost anytime of the day, sometimes.. almost! I find if I smoke to close to bed I’ll be waiting a little longer to start catching some z’s lol. All n all though it is a very mellow and happy high, great for stress and anxiety. Highly recommend it!

  17. Matt

    Is fantastic for those who want a little head buzz but have a lower tolerance for strong THC

  18. Sarah

    Loved this one for a heady, creative vibe. Not over-whelming, just right for making beautiful things or thinking wonderful thoughts.

  19. Justin

    Smoked well, good sized buds and flavourful. A little high in CBD for my liking but it did not disappoint if looking for muscle and joint pain relief.

  20. Philippe

    That’s your no1 daytime strain or for a clear headed high that’s very nice. The smell is awsome, the buds are dense and sticky. MMJ Best kept secret 😉

  21. Darryl

    Brian recommended this after a brief discussion as to what I was looking for. Spot on!
    This pungent and earthy with a beautiful head clarity buzz that I can easily use to medicate during the day. Thanks Brian!

  22. Dana

    Amazing for wake and bake. Hardly any burnout too!

  23. Kevin

    Good for day time use, no real heady effects, just a bit of pain and stress relief.

    Has a very strong aroma and taste. Roommates with a sensitive nose may take issue with this strain.

    I found it lends significant flavour to any edibles you may choose to make with it, that can be good or bad.

    I also found it to smoke a bit more harshly than most strains, at least relative to the CBD Dieseltonic I purchased along side it.

    Personally I believe the lack of heavy effects and productivity boost I get from this strain to outweigh the possible issues of smell, taste, and harshness.

  24. Clement

    This strain quickly became my “go to” daytime weed. The aromas are unique, and the high is just right.

  25. Brandy

    perfect for my morning smoke. sets my day for productivity and focus a lot better.

  26. Kelly

    Nice, smooth high. I found it to have a cheesy aroma and light taste. Nice blend of green and orange colouring, fresh and sticky consistency. Burns well and feels good!

  27. Lori

    this is a nice easy day effect ,slows done my anxiety big time. Flavor is tasty.

  28. Brian

    The new batch has nice long pieces. My hands get sticky just touching it. I highly recommend the sunkiss, it tastes great, calms me down, and helps me be productive.

  29. Anonymous

    The pieces were a little small but I love this smoke, nice citrus taste and a really mellow effect. I smoke it during the day and find that it helps me focus.

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